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Unveiling the Essence of Chiniot Craftsmanship in the Global Market

Greetings from Haq Bahoo Furniture and Ajwa Interior!

We are Aziz Ur Rehman, the proud owner of Haq Bahoo Furniture and the CEO of Ajwa Interior. Situated in the heart of Chiniot furniture market, Punjab, Pakistan, our establishments have been synonymous with exquisite furniture craftsmanship for decades. Recently, I had the honor of representing our thriving furniture industry at a workshop organized by the Chiniot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority).

Chiniot Chamber of Commerce Workshop: A Gateway to Global Excellence

As the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Export, I participated in this enlightening workshop aimed at guiding the major stakeholders of the furniture industry on how to navigate the USA market successfully. The workshop, graced by the presence of industry leaders, including the esteemed Malik Shahbaz, was conducted by the regional business coordinators from SMEDA, Mr. Rukhsaar, and Mr. Adrees. The event focused on imparting valuable insights and strategies crucial for successful furniture exports to the USA.

Haq Bahoo Furniture: A Pioneer in USA Furniture Exports

Having been at the forefront of furniture exports to the USA for two decades, Haq Bahoo Furniture is a beacon of excellence in Chiniot’s furniture market. During the workshop, I shared our company’s extensive experience and knowledge, addressing participants’ queries and offering valuable perspectives on navigating the nuances of the USA market.

Exploring Our Export Portfolio: Bed Designs, Sofa Designs, Dining Sets, and Swings

Our export portfolio boasts an array of captivating designs, including bed designs, sofa sets, dining sets, and the iconic swings (jhoola). Haq Bahoo Furniture is not only a trusted name in international markets but also a key player in supplying high-quality furniture to the thriving Pakistani furniture market.

The Future of Furniture Exports: A Collaborative Journey

The workshop marked a pivotal moment in our industry, laying the groundwork for future successes in USA furniture exports. As a token of acknowledgment, we distributed workshop training certificates to all participants, ensuring that the knowledge gained will contribute to the growth of our industry.

Capturing Moments: Photoshoot with Esteemed Guests

To commemorate this significant event, we captured moments of camaraderie and shared learning with our esteemed guests and participants. We’re thrilled to share these snapshots with you, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines the Chiniot furniture industry.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey towards global excellence in furniture craftsmanship!

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