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Transforming Dreams into Reality – Interior Designing Marvel in Jehlum, Pakistan

Introduction: At Haq Bahoo Furniture, we take immense pride in completing yet another successful interior designing project in the picturesque city of Jehlum, Pakistan. Led by Aziz ur Rehman, our dedicated team has once again proven its expertise in crafting exquisite living spaces that blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

Project Overview: Location: Citi Housing, Jehlum Client: Mr. Asim (From the UK)

Aesthetic Fusion – The Front Elevation: Marvel at the front elevation where we meticulously combined two stunning marble colors, creating a visually captivating exterior. The intricate Chinioti wooden swings add a touch of traditional charm to the modern design, leaving our client delighted.

Elegance Beyond Borders – International Collaboration: Embarking on an international venture, Haq Bahoo Furniture took on the challenge of providing complete interior designing solutions for a client in the UK. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we seamlessly blended cultural influences, resulting in a space that feels like home, no matter where you are.

Innovative Design Elements:

  1. Curtain of Luxury: Our choice of curtains and the installation of UPVC white windows enhance natural light and bring sophistication to every room.
  2. Mosaic Magic: The entrance area received a touch of mosaic artistry, creating a welcoming ambiance that sets the tone for the entire house.
  3. Water Fountain Extravaganza: Ground floor aesthetics were elevated with a strategically placed water fountain and marble accents along the staircase, adding a touch of serenity to the space.
  4. Chinioti Craftsmanship: White paint adorned every wall, and Chinioti-style ceiling work on the ground floor showcased our dedication to preserving and advancing traditional craftsmanship.
  5. Modern Bathrooms: Commodes and accessories adorned the washrooms, where glass separators added a touch of modernity, ensuring practicality and cleanliness.

Masterful Woodwork: All wooden doors, crafted with precision in Chiniot, embraced a modern design that garnered praise from everyone who witnessed our work.

Illuminating Spaces: Proper lighting was strategically placed to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the house.

Tech Meets Tradition – The LCD Unit: In the main area, a contemporary LCD unit with WPC panels was seamlessly integrated, showcasing our ability to marry technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Joyful Handover: The culmination of our efforts was the joyous handover ceremony, where Mr. Asim from the UK expressed his satisfaction and happiness. A moment captured in a photograph to be cherished.

Conclusion: At Haq Bahoo Furniture, we believe in creating not just spaces but memorable experiences for our clients. This project exemplifies our dedication to excellence, blending tradition with modernity to bring dreams to life. We invite you to explore our journey through the lens of Aziz Rehman Chiniot Furniture on YouTube, our Facebook page “Haq Bahoo Furniture,” and our expansive online platform – the largest online Pakistan furniture website. Your dream space awaits!

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