Enhancing Chiniot Furniture market & Industry: Collaborative Efforts for premium furniture exports

 luxury furniture export from pakistan

Welcome to Haq Bahoo Furniture, A S Exports, and Ajwa Interior, where Aziz ur Rehman, the owner, has been at the forefront of exporting premium furniture from Chiniot, Pakistan, for decades. We have established a significant presence in the Middle East, Europe, USA, UK, New Zealand, and more. Our commitment extends beyond business to fostering growth and development in Chiniot's furniture industry. In this article, we share our journey, our collaborative efforts with the government, and the promising future of Chiniot's furniture exports.

aziz ur rehman CEO of haq bahoo chiniot furniture is at chamber of commerce and industry chiniot ccc&i

Chiniot's Legacy in Double Bed Set Furniture and wooden swings set furniture making Making

A Tradition of Excellence

Chiniot is renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and superior quality furniture especially double bed set and wooden swings set. The region's artisans have upheld a rich legacy of woodworking, which has earned international acclaim. Our mission is to build upon this heritage and enhance Chiniot's global footprint in the furniture industry.

aziz ur rehman with fahad naseer PIDC at CCCI chiniot chamber of commerce and industry

Export Achievements luxury sofa, bed, dinning set

Our companies, Haq Bahoo Furniture, A S Exports, and Ajwa Interior, have successfully penetrated various international markets.We take great pride in exporting   furniture that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of customers around the world. This achievement is a testament to the exceptional skill and dedication of Chiniot's craftsmen.

Aziz ur Rehman: Championing Export Growth

Leadership Roles

Aziz ur Rehman serves as the Chairman of the Standing Committee for furniture export in the Chiniot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also a member of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His leadership and vision have been instrumental .

Strategic Initiatives

Under his guidance, our team is working on various strategies to increase furniture exports from Chiniot. These include advocating for government support, establishing a research and development department, and training local artisans to enhance their skills.

Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) Collaboration for Chiniot furnture Industry Development in Pakistan

Welcoming Mr. Faisal Naseer

In a significant step towards industry development, we invited Mr. Faisal Naseer, the Operation Manager of the Furniture Division at the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), to the Chiniot Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was attended by our executive members, including Mr. Rizwan, Ata ur Rehman from Galaxy Furniture, and Mr. Ammar, the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce.

Warm Reception

We welcomed Mr. Faisal Naseer with a flower bouquet, symbolizing our appreciation for his visit and the potential collaboration for the betterment of Chiniot's furniture industry.

Discussion Highlights

Suggestions for Improvement

During the meeting, we presented several suggestions aimed at enhancing the furniture industry in Chiniot:

  • Establishing a research and development department to   improve furniture designs and production techniques.
  • Providing government-backed facilities and incentives to support local manufacturers are mandatory.
  • Implementing training programs to upskill local artisans and craftsmen to increase furniture sale and and manage sofa bed price in pakistan.
  • Creating opportunities to export skilled labor and bed set in pakistan makeing  to various countries.

Promises from PIDC

Mr. Faisal Naseer acknowledged our suggestions and assured us that he would consult with the CEO of PIDC to take these proposals forward. He made several promises to support our initiatives:

  • Launching training programs in the Furniture Pakistan Chiniot building.
  • Working towards establishing an export facilitation center in Chiniot to streamline export processes.
  • Coordinating with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to arrange monthly visits of foreign delegations to the Chiniot market.

Official Documentation

At the conclusion of the meeting, we provided Mr. Faisal Naseer with a detailed letter on the official letterhead of the Chiniot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, outlining all our suggestions. As the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Export, Aziz ur Rehman chaired the meeting and signed the document, which was then handed over to Mr. Faisal Naseer.

The Future of Chiniot's Furniture Industry

Research and Development in Chiniot

The establishment of a research and development department is a critical step towards innovation in the furniture industry. This department will focus on developing new designs, improving production processes, and ensuring quality control to meet international standards.and they can easily build furniture stores in islamabad and karachi as well.

Training Programs at Furniture Pakistan Chiniot

By implementing comprehensive training programs, we aim to enhance the skills of local artisans. These programs will cover modern woodworking techniques, design innovation, and quality management. Skilled labor is a valuable asset, and by exporting trained professionals, we can further expand our influence in the global market.

Export Facilitation Center

An export facilitation center in Chiniot will provide much-needed support to local manufacturers. This center will offer services such as export documentation, market research, and logistics coordination. It will serve as a one-stop solution for all export-related needs, making it easier for businesses to navigate the complexities of international trade.

Monthly Foreign Delegations in Chiniot Furniture Market

Regular visits from foreign delegations in Chiniot furniture market will open new avenues for business and collaboration. These interactions will provide valuable insights into global market trends and preferences, helping us tailor our products to meet international demands. Moreover, they will create opportunities for networking and forming strategic partnerships.


The collaborative efforts between Haq Bahoo Furniture, A S Exports, Ajwa Interior, and government bodies like PIDC and TDAP are paving the way for a brighter future for Chiniot's furniture industry. With a focus on research and development, training, and export facilitation, we are poised to enhance our global presence and continue the legacy of excellence in furniture making.

We express our gratitude to Mr. Faisal Naseer and all the stakeholders involved in these initiatives. Together, we can achieve remarkable growth and make Chiniot a global hub for premium furniture.

Call to Action

We invite all stakeholders, industry experts, and government officials to join hands with us in this mission. Your support and collaboration are crucial for the success of these initiatives. Let us work together to elevate Chiniot's furniture industry to new heights and make a lasting impact on the global stage.

For more information and updates on our projects, please visit our website and stay connected with us.

mr rizwan executive member o chiniot chamber of commerce and industry CCCI
General secretary of chiniot chamber o commerce and industry Mr ammar and executive member mr Ata ur Rehman glaxy furniture chiniot
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